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Reserve Your Wood Pellets, The Pellet Early Buy Is On Now


It is time for our early buy, which means

Guaranteed Pellets


Best Prices

This year we have two brands available for Early Buy:

Hamer’s Hot Ones @ $268/Ton

This sought after brand is an all Hard Wood Ultra-Premium brand of pellets, with the reputation to burn hotter than most others.  The low ash content allows for the consumer to have less cleanup and maintenance on their stoves.  Superior will only have Hamer’s for early buy, once they are sold out we will not get any more for the season, so get this HOT buy while you can!

TraeFuels @ $250/Ton

While not having the name recognition, TraeFuels is recognized as 1 of 12 EN+ certified manufacturers in the US, made in Central Virginia.  EN+ is a certification that comes with strict requirements in order to create the most excellent pellet quality, being controlled and monitored from the mining of the trees all the way down to the distribution of the pellets.   Superior has been working with TraeFuels for a year now and have been nothing but happy with their product, from quality to demand.  Though we will have this for Early Buy, Superior has chosen Trae Fuels to be the brand of pellets that we will have for the entire season.  The benefit to buying now is PRICE-PRICE-PRICE!  Manufacturer prices will go up as soon as the burn season approaches, so get your pellets now!


*How It Works: You can come into our showroom or call into the office to purchase the number of tons you wish to get.  From that point your pellets are reserved and ready for pick up.  From purchase date, each customer has roughly 2 weeks to pick up their pellets.  Due to the high volume of pellets that we will go through, we will not be able to store pellets for customers, nor keep them for any additional times.

**Please note, after early buy is over, Superior will be going back to its pellet loyalty program and will only sell pellets to those customers who have purchased pellet stoves from us.  We have opened early buy to all customers, due to those who use our services annually.  There will be no exceptions.